Surfboards for the Molokia Surf Scene

Current Designs in Stock.

#1: a 7'2" squash tail- 18 3/4 wide at 2 1/2 inches thick. This model is made for high performance surfing in waves of consequence. Can be made as a Thruster or quad depending on preference. Bottom contours are single into double concaves with razor hard edges in the tail. This board turns on a dime and makes those sections you previously thought impossible.

#2: a 6' 10" swallow that rides medium surf in a loose and fast manner. Similar to model #1 with a different tail action. Good all around board that goes everywhere.

#3: a 6'5" small wave model. Rides hollow grinders, Fast point breaks, and small waves as well. Same bottom configuration as #1. This board generates more speed from every turn and can be launched for some great aerials.

History of the Concave Design

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