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The Physics of Ocean Waves - Michael Twardos Research Paper

Planning For Major Sporting Events - The Impacts of Major Sporting Events On Host Communities And Guidelines For Event Strategy Preparation - Case Study - Margaret River Masters Professional Surfing Event - Margaret River Graduate Thesis - Marc Halsall - Australia

A Sociological Study Of The Surfing Subculture in the Santa Cruiz Area - Graduate Thesis - Stephen Wayne Hull - US

Waves of Transformation - Thesis - Carin Crawford - US

Hydrodynamics of Surfboards - Thesis - Michael Paine - AU
Note: A stationary oblique breaking wave for laboratory testing of surfboards by H. G. Hornung and P. Killen located on same page.

Outdoor Recreation Participation Trends - Cordell et. el. - NOAA

An Examination of the United Kingdom Surfing Market: With proposed new surfing products for the UK market - Robyn Ward

Has Surfing been institutionalised within the United Kingdom? - Daniel Jones

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