Surf Class Proposal
Dates: May-October 2000


Packet Presented to Board of Education (Hyde County, NC) and Updated Information

A.Written Statement about Course
B. Letter to Superintendent of the National Park Service for Use of Land
C. Insurance Issues
D. Safety Concerns
E. Vechile Request Form Hyde County Schools
F. Budget
1. Fundraisers
-Halloween Carnival Spook House (October 27th, 2000)
-Candy Apple Booth (October 27th, 2000)
2. Educational Grants
-Bright Ideas Grant (tentative)
G. Swimming Safety
1. Copy of Red Cross Swimming Requirements
2 Permission Slip to Have Swimming Lessons
H. Buddy Pelitier Surfing Foundation Scholarships
I. Job Information Local / Global Market
J. Outline of Guest Speakers
K. Letter to Potential Students
L. Permission Slip for School Functions
1. Covers Travel to the Beach
2. Covers Participation in the Course
J. Athletic Agreement NCSAA
1. Students must maintain a "C" average to remain in the course
2. Students must complete athletic physical
3. Students and Coaches must sign athletic pledge
K. Copies of Articles on the Class
1. Virginian Pilot
2. Island Breeze
3. Coastland Times
4. Ocracoke Island News
5. Ihigh.Com (Web Site)

Note: This outline was prepared by Joan O'Neall, the K-12 PE/9-10 English/Athletic \ Director at Ocracoke School on the North Carolina Outerbanks. She was helped by Gary Zbel, another instructor at Ocracoke. In May, 2000, they wrote a 40 page proposal to have surfing added to Ocracoke's curriculum. In July, the schoolboard passed this proposal for grades 7-12. In August and September, three local newspapers carried the story. Ocracoke thus became the first school on the East Coast of the US to have surfing as a class, not just a club.

Article on the class