Huntington Beach Surfing Protest Letter
1970 US Surfboard Championships
Written by Bruce Gabrielson

Note: This letter was written and submitted to the City of Huntington Beach the day prior to the 1970 US Surfboard Championships being held in Huntington. It was signed by the majority of top US surfers entered in the contest.

City of Huntington Beach Recreation and Parks Dept.

Dear Sirs,

We the undersigned, residents, surfers and competitors, feel this years U.S. Championships held in Huntington Beach is not truly representative of what a nationwide contest should be. By relying on the Western Surfing Association's system of contest and rating points entirely, potential champion surfers were left out of the competition this year, thus hurting the quality of competition seriously. We feel in the future for this contest to be effective, more people must be entered, and non-W.S.A. members must also be considered.