1970 Western Surfing Association Protest Letter
Written by Bruce Gabrielson

Note: This letter was written and submitted to the WSA the day prior to the 1970 US Surfboard Championships in Huntington Beach. It was signed by the majority of top US surfers entered in the contest.

Western Surfing Association
P.O. Box 127Hermosa Beach, Calif.

Dear Sirs,

As competitors and surfers of the west coast, the following individuals feel the Western Surfing Association has really let us down this year. We feel, unless proved otherwise, the competition scene has suffered greatly through poor management, and is no longer consistent with our own ideals. We feel the

W.S.A. can no longer function effectively in its present form and must be restructured so as to become anintegral part of the surfing scene again. Younger people new ideas and more drive and initiative must be brought into the organization. These people should not serve mearly as advisors, but should be on equal terms with the present officers. This would insure that we are not simply pacified as has been the policy in the past, but that our needs are fairly supplemented.

We have two more ideas which we feel should be considered immediately. The first of these is that every possible effort be made to hold as many contests as possible in the time remaining this year. Secondly, we would like to see one of two courses followed soon. Either an itemized accounting of where all W.S.A. revenues and expenditures occurred this year, or our own accountant be allowed to go over the W.S.A. books and make a complete report on where our money went this year. We would like the reportor the accounting to be sent in a W.S.A. Newsletter to all members.

Should these ideas not be seriously considered soon, we feel the W.S.A. no longer represents us and should not be supported in any way.


Note: We asked about the finances because we were first told that the budget wouldn't allow for a more open contest. This proved not to be the case.