Surfboards for the Molokia Surf Scene

Me in My Shaping Stall

I'm a long-time shaper and surfer in Hawaii. I first started shaping in California in the 1970s. Now making boards for all conditions. Contact me or stop by to see what I have in stock.

Here are the designs I've used successfully here on Molikai.

Surfing on Molokai is very much like all the other Hawaiian islands minus the crowds and media. Each day can turn the same spot into a completely different wave depending on swell direction and conditions. The winter is the best time to catch the majority of Hawaiian swells and if surfed on a daily basis can wear you out. Adequate rest periods need to be planned and proper nutrition Becomes essential. High performance equipment is mandatory. A quiver of boards becomes the standard with each board being equally used throughout the year.

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Link to a 1972 Surfer contest article that mentions me.

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