Note:  I sent this email to a researcher in response to his questions
concerning training for surfing events in July 1998.

From:  "Dr. Bruce Gabrielson" 
Subject: Training info.

Q: What did you do to train

A: Here is what I and my friends mostly did:

Besides lots of time in the water I spent time running and jump roping -
not much weight training - I also spent some time skateboarding and playing
tennis.  Personally, I was also an Olympic class wrestler, so I was in
regular training on the mats all the time.  The real good conditioned
surfers of the 60s and 70s mostly were full time surfers or had jobs where
they had to be in great physical shape.  However, the well conditioned
surfers made up a minority of the top professionals.

Q: I thought you may also know some young professional or up and coming
surfers and may be able to tell me what they do to keep themselves at their

I do know a few professionals currently.  The ones around here might spend 
some time running but not much else (at least the ones I know).  

I had the chance to go to a gym with a highly ranked longboard
professional some time back and we worked out on a rowing machine.
He says it helps him paddle better and keeps his back from acting up. I
have used these machines for the same reason and think the conditioning 
would be good for anyone.

As a last comment, it might not be important, but a large number of top
surfers, both years back and currently do considerable nightclub dancing.
I saw several pros really getting into the bands at a recent event I went to.
Maybe dancing helps their surfing or maybe surfing helps their dancing.
Don't know which but the rhythm must help. I also used to do a lot of 
nightclub dancing, just like in the movie Saturday Night Fever.