INFOSEC Related Reports and Papers Published and/or Presented by Dr. Bruce C. Gabrielson

INFOSEC Papers/Reports

Who Really Did It? Controlling Malicious Insiders by Merging Biometric Behavior With Detection and Automated Responses
IATF Acadmic Education - A Different Perspective
Approaches to Achieving Near Real-time Information Assurance
Security Using Intelligent Agents and Data Mining
The Psychological Aspects Of Sensitive Training Course Development- 2012 HICSS-45 Submission
Network Connectivity and Interoperability Between "DOS" Machines and A UNIX Server
Security Protection For Government Networks
New Directions in Proactive Network Security
Background on General Procedures for Developing IS Security Requirements
Phreakers, Trashers and Hackers
Privacy Act Information Protection
TEMPEST Industry and People Grapple With Changing Perspective
Information Security Program Development
Legal Aspects of Ice-Pick Testing
The Development of a Proactive Network Security System
Requirements and Approaches for a Computer Vulnerability Data Archive
System Administrators Manual
A Proposed Methodology for Performing Compliance Validation Configuration Auditing
Certification & Accreditation The Risk Management Process
SSEM in the Secure LAN/WAN Environment
Enhancing Near Real-time Security Using an Intelligent Agent Approach
Applying Mission Oriented Risk and Design Analysis to the Prioritization and Selection of IA Research Activities
Solving the Insider Threat Problem
Deterring the Insider Threat – Honest mistakes vs. malicious insiders
Basic Information Theory and the Use of IR's
Achieving Near Real-time Security Using an Intelligent Agent “Snapshot” Approach
The Security Agency Suite Solution

Other Reports

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