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The following papers and courses I wrote over my 40 year career in the technical world. Since many are still of interest, I have selected the best to stay on the Internet while I'm still around. Fee free to reference or use as you wish. If you want to reach me, I'm available by email.

The ses domain will go away soon. If you want to link to any of these papers, please use www.surflibrary.org/ses

Yes - I had a great enjoyable career. Despite what you may hear, I am the inventor of NSA's Trickler, I envisioned and was the lead engineer for the Audit Data Extraction Utility (for insider threat detection), and I made the intelligent agent presentation to the ESSG that directly resulted in their vote to acquire a Host-Based Security System (HBSS). For some older things, I also proposed and led the development for DISSA's web-based Connection Approval Process, plus, along with Carl Landwher suggested a central repository for vulnerabilities be created on the web (NIST's CVE repository). I supported Jeff Humphry in the development of IcePick, the world's first automated vulnerability detection tool (2 years before SATIN), and my three patents in the telecommunications industry include the Solid State Telephone Interrupter, the Line Card Ring Generator, and the Remote Disconnect System.



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